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bioassay releases

«ExPeriment: time»
2013 – Self-Released (DCR003)


«My Old Friend»
2012 – SquareWāv (WAV2)


«Memoirs of a Broken Heart»
2010 – MECHaNISMz (MECHa020)


bioassay / Gentleman Junkie
«Stay Low, Keep Moving»
2010 – MECHaNISMz


«Batcave Sampler» Limited Promo
2009 – Self-Released (DCR002)


«Silence (DJ Promo) [CD Single]»
2007 – Self – Released (DCR001)


bioassay compilation appearances

«DEF CON 25: The Official Soundtrack»
Track: The Signal
2015 – Defcon Communications


«Under What Flag? A Tribute to Fad Gadget»
Track: Collapsing New People (Fad Gadget Cover)
2015 – Coitus Interruptus Productions


«Gothic Music Orgy vol.1»
Track: Energy
2015 – Dark Tunes Music Group


«Blaq Dot – Play From The Heart!»
Track: Silence (Blaq Dot Chor Dub Remix)
2013 – Sinful Muzik


Electronic Saviors: Industrial Music To Cure Cancer Volume II: Recurrence
Track: “Where Did You Go? (ES Mix)”
2012 – Metropolis Records (MET 777 / DIST 001)


«Seiei Jack’s [R.A.A.O] Apocalypse Children»
2009 – Core:Back Records (CBR 56)
«You are Here – A Compilation of California Electronics »
Track: Silence (Connexion Bizzare Edit)
2008 – Connexion Bizzare (NCB007)


«Das Bunker: Brighter than a Thousand Suns»
2008 – Das Bunker



remixes by bioassay

«blindTEST – Masked Remixed»
Track: Masked (bioassay Remix)
2016 – Orange Four Music (BT-MP-4)


«Stoppenberg – I Am The Danger»
Track: Unite! (Remixed by bioassay)
2016 – X-Beats


«Total Pain Kollapz – The Truth Lies Behind The Mask»
Track: Digging a Grave (Reanalyzed by bioassay)
2016 – Self-released


«Distant Vision – Voyager 93»
Track: Voyager 93 (bioassay Remix)
2011 – Black Leather Records (BLR 093)


«Solitary Experiments – Rise and Fall – The 15th Anniversary Mega[re]Mix»
Track: Rise and Fall (Fallen Remix by bioassay)
2010 – Out of Line (OUT 430)
«Pixelpussy – This Is Meower Noise»
Track: “The Ass Justifies the Means (bioassay vs. Control Factor ZERO Booty Remix)”
2010 – MoonSlave Records (MOON001)


«The Best of the Wynardtage-Remix-Competition»
Track: The Frozen Point (bioassay remix)
2009 – Equinoxe Records


«MALFAKTOR – Remix and Relapse»
Track: One By One (reanalysed by bioassay)
2009 – Self-Released